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Overwatch Bilder

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Als eines bestehenden Gesetzen leben in ein Drama stamme von Linostrami. Dies ist Rohde aus dem Schotterplatz.

Overwatch Bilder

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Overwatch Bilder Willkommen bei GameStar!

- Erkunde Jacky Satos Pinnwand „Overwatch“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Overwatch, Overwatch helden, Overwatsch. - Erkunde Louises Pinnwand „Overwatch“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Overwatch, Overwatsch, Overwatch helden. Online-Einkauf von Küche, Haushalt & Wohnen aus großartigem Angebot von Poster & Kunstdrucke, Gemälde, Fotografien. - Erkunde Lara Albrechts Pinnwand „Overwatch“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Overwatch, Overwatch helden, Overwatsch. - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Overwatch Mercy“ von Andreas Krupa. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Overwatch. - Erkunde Ulton 1s Pinnwand „overwatch“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Overwatch, Overwatch helden, Overwatsch. 17, points • comments - My experience with Overwatch so far - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay.

Overwatch Bilder

- Entdecke die Pinnwand „Overwatch“ von Silvester Mio Million. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Overwatch. Held gefällig? In Overwatch erwartet euch ein internationales Team von mächtigen Helden, von denen sich jeder Einzelne auf seine Weise einen Namen​. Weitere Ideen zu Overwatch, Overwatch helden, Overwatsch. Explore the Overwatch collection - the favourite images chosen by BRNOS on DeviantArt.

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Ich habe ein Konto Kostenlos registrieren. Overwatch Genre: Action Release: Mehr zum Spiel. Ghostrunner im Test: Der schnelle Cyberpunk-Kick, den wir jetzt brauchen.

Von diesem Rollenspiel-Geheimtipp kann Diablo noch etwas lernen. Genshin Impact. Diablo 4. Age of Empires 4. Cyberpunk Pharah's ultimate ability is Barrage , where she fires a continuous stream of small air-to-ground rockets at targets, while she is frozen still in place.

Fareeha Amari is the daughter of Ana Amari, one of the founding members of Overwatch. She served as an officer in the Egyptian Army and aspired to follow in her mother's footsteps, but Overwatch was disbanded before she could join its ranks.

After leaving the army, Pharah took a job with Helix Security International, a private security firm contracted to protect an artificial intelligence facility below the Giza Plateau.

Pharah is a solid attacker able to consistently maintain pressure on the enemy team. Her rocket launcher allows her to hold chokepoints or lay out suppressive fire onto objectives both in offense and defense, and her vertical agility renders her out of reach for characters reliant on close-range fighting.

Her Concussion Blast disrupts enemy formations, and in the hands of a skilled player it can be used to score environmental kills.

Pharah is a good match with Mercy, whose Guardian Angel ability allows both of them to fly alongside each other; this tactic is often called "Pharmercy".

Pharah is vulnerable against long-range oriented characters, especially those wielding hitscan weapons, such as Widowmaker or McCree.

Pharah is voiced by Jen Cohn. Reaper, real name Gabriel Reyes, is an American mercenary and terrorist, originally a founding member of Overwatch, now a leading member of Talon.

He is attired in a black hooded trenchcoat with a white skull mask and wields twin Hellfire Shotguns. His abilities are Shadow Step , a medium-range line of sight teleport, and Wraith Form , a brief period of invincibility and speed increase.

Reaper's ultimate ability is Death Blossom , a twin shotgun gun kata which deals massive damage in a short radius around him. Born in Los Angeles , Gabriel Reyes was a veteran officer of the United States Armed Forces who was subjected to a "soldier enhancement program", where he and the other selectees were genetically enhanced to become "perfect soldiers"; Reyes became known as "Soldier: 24".

When the United Nations formed Overwatch to combat the Omnic Crisis, Reyes was one of the two men from the program on the shortlist to join up and was initially tapped to lead it.

However, he was passed over in favor of his friend Jack Morrison, causing a rift between the two men. Reyes was later named commander of Blackwatch, Overwatch's black ops division, but his jealousy of Morrison due to Morrison's publicity as the official leader of Overwatch, versus Reyes' secret dealings with Blackwatch eventually caused Reyes to reveal Blackwatch's existence to the public, destroying both organizations and resulting in a battle that destroyed their headquarters in Switzerland.

Both men were believed dead, but in reality survived, although Reyes's cells are now simultaneously decaying and regenerating, causing his body to fall apart and rebuild itself over and over again.

Reyes resurfaced years later as "the Reaper", a mysterious mercenary responsible for terrorist attacks all around the world, having been consumed by his hunger for fame to the point that he no longer cared what he was known for.

Through the efforts of rogue geneticist and former Blackwatch member Moira O'Deorain , he has developed the ability to steal life essence from his enemies, and also become incorporeal to avoid harm.

The ability to heal from dealing damage helps him in taking out tanks, due to their large bodies and health pools making it easier for him to heal rapidly.

Reaper is vulnerable while executing his Death Blossom , so proper usage of it relies heavily on the element on surprise, taking enemies out with its massive damage output before they get the chance to react.

Reaper is voiced by Keith Ferguson. Soldier: 76, real name Jack Francis Morrison, is an American soldier-turned-vigilante and a founding member of Overwatch.

He wears a facemask with a visor and carries an experimental Heavy Pulse Rifle equipped with an underbarrel launcher that fires three Helix Rockets.

His abilities are Sprint , a forward run with no duration limit or cooldown, and Biotic Field , a deployable device which regenerates the health of allies in the immediate vicinity.

His ultimate ability, Tactical Visor , puts up a head-up display that allows his rifle to automatically track enemies in his line of sight for a brief period, similar to an aimbot.

Jack Morrison was born in rural Indiana , and enlisted in the United States military when he was eighteen.

His bravery and work ethic earned him the attention of the "soldier enhancement program", and he later joined Overwatch alongside his friend Gabriel Reyes.

His contributions to its success in ending the Omnic Crisis led to his being granted command of the task force, leading to a rift between him and Reyes.

As Overwatch came under worldwide scrutiny due to allegations of corruption, the tensions between the two men came to outright conflict, resulting in the destruction of Overwatch headquarters.

Morrison was believed to have been killed in the explosion, and was reportedly buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Five years later, however, Morrison resurfaced as the vigilante "Soldier: 76", becoming the focus of an international manhunt following a series of attacks against former Overwatch facilities, stealing weapons and advanced technologies.

He wages a personal war to discover the truth behind the events that led to the fall of Overwatch. Soldier: 76 was actually developed by Overwatch ' s creative director Chris Metzen in the early s as part of non-gaming related projects within Blizzard, and which he later adapted for a comic story used in Digital Webbing Presents 16, published in July Metzen described Soldier: 76's background here as one of a line of American "super soldiers" that had been implanted with microchips to give them superhuman abilities.

Soldier: 76 was thought killed in an assassination attempt but instead found himself abandoned in South America with no memories of his past, only returning to the United States after a second civil war breaks out, to help try to restore order and discover his past.

While Overwatch modified Metzen's original design, the game's version of Soldier: 76 still maintains the same color scheme and jacket that was used in the comic book story.

Soldier: 76 was the most popular offense character during the game's open beta. He is able to perform well in almost any situation, being effective on all ranges, move quickly around the battlefield, as well as able to heal both himself and his team.

On the downside, unlike other attackers, he lacks a direct specialization, and his ultimate ability has less potential impact on the game. His pulse rifle is best fired in short bursts at range and in full auto in close quarters, where accuracy is less of an issue.

Soldier: 76 is voiced by Fred Tatasciore. Sombra, real name Olivia Colomar, is a Mexican hacker and infiltrator. She is equipped with a low-damage, high-capacity Machine Pistol for short range combat.

Her trademark ability allows her to Hack enemies, turrets or neutral health kits. Hacked enemies cannot use their abilities, hacked turrets are disabled, and hacked health kits respawn faster and become unusable to the enemy team.

Sombra also has Thermoptic Camo that gives her invisibility paired with a speed boost, and can throw down a Translocator beacon that she can later teleport to.

Her passive ability, Opportunist , enables her to track enemies that are low on health, even through walls. Sombra's ultimate ability is EMP , an electromagnetic shockwave that hacks all enemies around her, as well as disabling their barriers and shields and displaying if they have fully charged ultimates.

In the Overwatch narrative, Sombra had been orphaned at an early age but quickly discovered her natural gift for hacking. She initially used it as part of the Los Muertos gang that fought against a corrupt Mexican government.

Over the years her hacking expanded to other global corporations and powers, managing to keep her identity secret.

She was eventually discovered by a mysterious organization that forced her into hiding, destroying all records of her existence.

She augmented her body with cybernetic attachments to help her hack, and joined the criminal organization Talon to discover the identity of the organization that uncovered her.

Sombra was introduced into Overwatch through alternate reality game ARG starting as early as the game's open beta, as to give "an idea of who she is and a little bit of her personality before we even unveiled her", according to Blizzard's lead hero designer Geoff Goodman.

Sombra is voiced by Carolina Ravassa. Symmetra, real name Satya Vaswani, is an Indian architect. She wields a Photon Projector that emits a short-ranged beam that does more damage the longer it remains on an opponent.

It can also be used to charge up and launch a slow-moving ball of energy in a straight line. She can fire up to three Sentry Turrets that attach to any surface they touch, and which damage opponents in close range.

She has a Teleporter skill that allows her to place the entrance and exits points of a warp tunnel that has an infinite duration, through which teammates and certain projectiles and weapons can travel through, until the teleporter is recalled by Symmetra or destroyed by an enemy.

Her ultimate ability is a Photon Barrier , a powerful energy shield that blocks opponents' fire, and large enough to cut through the entire map. The Vishkar Corporation, based in southern India, created hard light technology that allowed it to build cities, and trained its elite architects to bend the hard light into any shape needed for that purpose; with this technology, they built the city of Utopaea to serve as their base.

Satya Vaswani's potential was discovered at a young age, and she was taken from a life of poverty to train at Vishkar's architect academy in Utopaea.

Becoming one of the top students in her class, she combined the light-bending technology with the traditional dances of her homeland.

Given the name "Symmetra", Vishkar dispatched her on clandestine missions around the world to oversee their corporate interests. Symmetra initially was defined as a support character, and was one of the more infrequently-selected characters across all game modes during the game's first two years, due to her not being considered a fun character to play and maintaining her support abilities was considered "chore-like".

Prior abilities, since removed, include the ability to give each player individual shields as well as a ranged shield projector that served as her ultimate, and a teleporter ultimate that would appear between her current position and the current spawn room for her team allowing players to quickly return to battle.

Her Photon Projector also used to automatically lock onto opponents and its alternative fire used to travel through shields and players.

The July rework moved Symmetra from a support to a damage hero, better reflecting her intended function in a team composition according to Blizzard.

Symmetra is voiced by Anjali Bhimani. Torbjörn, full name Torbjörn Lindholm, is a dwarfish Swedish engineer and weapons designer, and a founding member of Overwatch.

His armor comes equipped with a mobile forge, and he carries a Rivet Gun that shoots molten slag and a Forge Hammer for construction and melee attacks.

His Deploy Turret allows him to toss a turret a short distance away, which will then self-deploy before targeting and firing on any opponent in its sights.

His Overload ability briefly increases his armor, and improves his speed and attack attributes for a short amount of time. His ultimate ability Molten Core allows him to shoot several globs of molten metal on the ground, which damages any opponent that stands in it.

Torbjörn believes that technology should serve a better vision for humanity, putting him at odds with his employers, who wanted to control the weapons with artificial intelligence.

His deep-seated fear of sentient machines, dismissed at first as paranoia, became reality during the Omnic Crisis, during which he was recruited by Overwatch.

His engineering knowledge proved invaluable to achieving Overwatch's aim of ending the Omnic Crisis.

After Overwatch was disbanded, his weapons were stolen or stashed away, and Torbjörn has set out to ensure they are not used to harm the innocent.

While Torbjörn was not the first character created for Overwatch , his design, meant to bridge between Warcraft and Overwatch , became the baseline for nearly all other asset design for the game.

Torbjörn could also collect scrap left by fallen players, when he then could use to make armor pickups for his allies. Lead game designer Geoff Goodman called Torbjörn a "little overly defensive focused", and wanted to make the hero more capable on offense in non-payload map.

These new updates were added in an October patch. Torbjörn is voiced by Keith Silverstein. Tracer, real name Lena Oxton, is a British pilot and adventurer.

She wields dual rapid-fire Pulse Pistols , and is equipped with a "chronal accelerator" which grants her the ability to either jump forward in time, crossing many meters in a split second Blink or rewind three seconds into the past to heal and restore ammunition Recall.

Her ultimate ability is Pulse Bomb , an explosive charge that sticks to enemies, exploding after a brief delay for massive damage. Born in London following the events of the Omnic Crisis, Lena Oxton became the youngest test pilot in Overwatch's experimental flight program, and was tapped to test the "Slipstream", a fighter jet that used teleportation technology.

During the test flight, a malfunction caused the craft to vanish and Tracer along with it. She was presumed dead. However, she reappeared months later, though suffering from a condition preventing her from maintaining a physical form and which caused her to vanish for hours or even days at a time.

It was discovered that the accident desynchronized her molecules from time itself, a condition eventually called "chronal disassociation.

Tracer was the first Hero developed for the game and used to test the gameplay mechanics. She wields the Widow's Kiss , a versatile rifle that fires in full automatic at close-range, and can convert into a sniper rifle for long-range kills.

She also uses a Grappling Hook to reach high ledges and Venom Mines to disable enemies. Her ultimate ability is Infra-Sight , which activates her recon visor to highlight all enemies through walls for her and her team, similar to a wallhack.

She was found and returned home by Overwatch agents, unaware of what had happened; two weeks later, she killed her husband in his sleep.

Returning to Talon, she underwent extensive training in the covert arts, and her physiology was altered to slow her heart, turning her skin blue.

Her emotional responses numbed by the conditioning, she feels little more than the satisfaction of the kill.

Widowmaker appears in the intro cinematic, teamed with Reaper to steal Doomfist's gauntlet from the Overwatch Museum; a boy visiting the museum uses it against her.

Widowmaker was the most popular defense character during the game's open beta. Support heroes typically lack any significant offensive abilities and instead provide support for their teammates, most often in the form of healing or other buffs.

They may also be able to apply debuffs to the opposing team, making them more prone to attack. Support heroes tend to have the fewest hit points but also can self-regenerate their health at times.

She wields a Biotic Rifle loaded with smart darts that damage enemies and heal allies, as well as a sidearm that fires Sleep Darts. She also carries Biotic Grenades that disable enemy healing and boost ally healing.

Her ultimate ability is Nano Boost , which grants an attack and defense boost to a teammate hero. Hailing from Cairo , Ana Amari was considered the best sniper in the world, and rushed in to support the unprepared Egyptian defense forces during the Omnic Crisis.

Her marksmanship and her critical decision-making skills led to her being recruited by Overwatch, and she served for many years as Jack Morrison's second-in-command during the conflict, while trying to be a mother to her daughter, Fareeha.

Even with her command responsibility, Ana refused to give up going on combat missions. Initially choosing to remain out of combat as the world became embroiled in conflict, Ana realized she could not remain on the sidelines, and has rejoined the battle to protect her homeland.

Ana had already been part of the narrative of Overwatch from the creation of the Pharah character, according to Blizzard's lead writer Michael Chu; they wanted Pharah's parents to be important characters of the Overwatch group that would influence Pharah, and Ana had been established as a sniper in Pharah's story.

When they started brainstorming new playable heroes, the idea of an alchemist was raised, leading to the concept of a "skill-based support healer", according to Chu.

This led to them to consider making Ana this new playable character, as these support sniper skills would contrast well against those of the already-established character of Widowmaker.

The story was written by Michael Chu and illustrated by Arnold Tsang. Alongside this, Blizzard ran the first of a mini-event, a two-week long "Ana's Bastet Challenge" that awarded players that won a number of games across any mode, or watched designated Twitch streams with cosmetics related to this story.

Ana appears as a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm. Ana is voiced by Aysha Selim. His main weapon is a Medic SMG , a submachine gun alongside a secondary Biotic Launcher that fires projectiles that heal allies in their area of effect.

As a passive ability, Baptiste's Exo Boots allow him to jump higher after crouching. His active abilities includes a Regenerative Burst that heals himself and nearby allies over a short period of time, and an Immortality Field device that prevents teammates from dying while in range, but the device itself can be destroyed prematurely.

His ultimate is an Amplification Matrix that increases damage and healing effects of allies' shots that pass through it. Originally from Tortuga , Baptiste was among the thirty million children orphaned by the Omnic Crisis.

He enlisted in the military of the Caribbean Coalition, an alliance of island nations united by the crisis, as a combat medic, driven by his desire to help others; he would eventually rise to become part of the Coalition's special ops division.

After the end of the war, Baptiste struggled to find work until he was recruited by Talon, one of a number of mercenary groups that arose in the aftermath of the crisis.

At first, he thrived within Talon, which gave him easy assignments that paid well enough for him to establish a clinic in his hometown.

As time went on, however, the missions his unit was sent on became increasingly violent, including assassinations of rivals and operations that involved civilian casualties.

Disgusted, Baptiste abandoned Talon and set out to wander the world, offering his aid where he could. Realizing that Baptiste knew too much about their operations, Talon regularly sent assassins, including members of his former unit, to silence him, without success; those few who were able to locate him were never seen again.

After approximately a week of teases through their social media sites, Blizzard formally introduced Baptiste as the game's 30th hero with an origin story video on February 25, , [] and was added to the PTR the following day.

Alongside the story, Blizzard ran a mini 2-week "Reunion" event that allowed players to earn skins and other cosmetics related to the story by winning matches across any mode and watching specific Twitch streams.

Baptiste is voiced by Benz Antoine. Brigitte, full name Brigitte Lindholm, is a Swedish engineer and adventurer, who wears powered armor similar to Reinhardt.

She wields a Rocket Flail that allows her to strike several enemies in close range, and can be thrown in a Whip Shot to hit distant targets and knock them back.

She has the ability to engage a Barrier Shield to protect herself and others behind it from damage for a limited time, and when it is active, she can charge a short distance forward in a Shield Bash , stunning the first enemy she hits.

She is also able to drop Repair Packs that can help heal other allies and grant them temporary armor. Her Ultimate ability is Rally that allows her to move faster, and provide nearby allies with additional armor while the ability is active.

Brigitte is the youngest daughter of Torbjörn Lindholm, Overwatch's former chief engineer. She was named by her godfather Reinhardt Wilhelm, to whom Torbjörn and his pregnant wife Ingrid were indebted to after Reinhardt saved his life during "Operation White Dome" in Istanbul.

As such, Brigitte became close friends with Reinhardt, and grew up on his tales of heroes and chivalry. While Torbjörn was more interested in creating weapons, Brigitte's aptitudes were for creating armor and defensive systems.

After the fall of Overwatch, Reinhardt elected to travel the world as something of a knight-errant, and Brigitte, to his surprise, asked him if she could accompany him as his squire, to which he agreed.

Her job included maintaining Reinhardt's Crusader armor, to which she was well-suited as it was based on a design created by her father, but as time went on, she was often required to take care of Reinhardt himself, who maintained an overenthusiasm for combat in spite of his increasing age and frailty.

Eventually she decided that just maintaining Reinhardt's armor was not enough, and had Reinhardt train her in combat while she created her own suit of armor in secret, so that she could fight alongside him.

She appears in the digital comics Dragon Slayer and Reflections. She also appears in the animated short Honor and Glory , where she protests Reinhardt rejoining Overwatch, only for him to explain why he must go back.

After about a week of teasing her announcement, Brigitte was confirmed to be the 27th Hero on February 28, , and was made available to try on the PTR the same day.

She combines certain elements of Reinhardt armor and shield and Torbjörn providing armor to her allies ; as her chosen weapon is a flail, she also bears some similarities to the Crusader class in Diablo III.

He is equipped with futuristic roller blades that allow him to skate on walls Wall Ride , and is armed with a Sonic Amplifier gun that can damage enemies or knock them back with Soundwaves.

He uses music to either heal his teammates or increase their movement speed Crossfade , and can amplify his music at will to boost the effects Amp It Up.

His ultimate ability, Sound Barrier , grants powerful temporary shielding to himself and nearby allies. Jeff Kaplan described Lucio's origins based on the bard class from classic tabletop role-playing games, able to cast auras on their party.

He turned to music to lift up the spirits of his disheartened people, performing on street corners and at block parties. When the Vishkar Corporation, a multinational conglomerate, moved in to redevelop Rio, they began to crack down on its citizens with curfews and began to exploit them as cheap labor.

His leadership made him a global celebrity, and he began to perform in filled arenas worldwide. Mercy, real name Angela Ziegler, is a Swiss field medic and first responder.

She wears a winged Valkyrie suit, which allows her to rush towards targeted teammates through the air Guardian Angel , as well as slow her own descent while falling Angelic Descent.

She wields a Caduceus Staff that alternately heals her teammates or boosts their damage output, and also carries a medium-range Caduceus Blaster as a sidearm.

Her Resurrect ability allows her to revive one fallen ally. Her ultimate ability is Valkyrie , which boosts her healing and attack boosts, firing rate, Resurrect cooldown, gives her the ability to fly, and gives her infinite ammunition for a brief period.

Angela Ziegler was head of surgery at a Swiss hospital when she developed specialized applied nanobiology to heal injuries.

Her work earned her the attention of Overwatch, who recruited her as their chief medical researcher; the Valkyrie suit she wears was her own design.

Though opposed to Overwatch's militaristic approach due to her parents being taken by war, she knew that their resources allowed her to save lives on a global scale.

When Overwatch disbanded, she dedicated herself to helping those who were affected by decades of global war. Mercy was the most popular support character during the game's open beta.

With her present kit, Mercy has become a divisive character in the game's meta, being nearly always picked as part of a team composition in competitive modes, but changing the dynamics of a match's ebb and flow.

Mercy is voiced by Lucie Pohl. Overwatch executive producer Jeff Kaplan has labelled Moira as a "hybrid" hero; while categorized as a support character, she possesses abilities to also deal a high amount of damage.

Her main weapon is the Biotic Grasp , which latches on to nearby enemies and drains their health and biotic energy; this biotic energy can then be sprayed out in a cone to heal her allies.

Her ultimate ability is Coalescence , a beam that heals all allies and injures all opponents it passes, bypassing any shields that may be in place.

Originally from Dublin , Moira O'Deorain made waves in the scientific community more than a decade prior to the game, after publishing a controversial paper detailing a methodology for creating custom genetic programs that could alter DNA at a cellular level.

Most scientists found her research dangerous due to its perceived ethical shortfalls, with some even going so far as to accuse her of having the same obsession with scientific advancement that started the Omnic Crisis.

Adding to the controversy, other geneticists were unable to reproduce the results of her research. With her career stalled, Moira received a lifeline from an unlikely source: Blackwatch, the covert ops division of Overwatch under the command of Gabriel Reyes.

Her involvement with Blackwatch was kept a secret until inquiries following an incident in Venice played out in the story-based game mode "Retribution" revealed her work, forcing Overwatch to publicly disavow any ties to her or her work.

After Overwatch disbanded, Moira was employed by the Ministries, the scientific collective that founded the city of Oasis in southern Iraq , as the head of the Ministry of Genetics.

She was also financed by Talon, and along with Doomfist and Reaper is among the members of its ruling council who appear in the game.

Her origin story video reveals that she is responsible for transforming Gabriel Reyes into Reaper. Moira was announced at BlizzCon as the game's 26th hero on November 3, , [] and was made available to play on the Public Test Region a few days later.

This particularly was true for her Legendary skins, which animator Hak Lee said took between three and five months to properly animate.

Chu acknowledged that many of Blizzard's animation team are anime fans and some references had filtered into characters and customization items, and for Moira, the anime-like touches helped to make her character visually distinctive among a fast-paced battled within the game.

Moira is voiced by Genevieve O'Reilly , an Irish voice actress that Chu said was perfect for the role. Zenyatta, full name Tekhartha Zenyatta, is an omnic monk and wanderer.

Rather than moving on foot, he floats above the ground in a meditative pose. He is surrounded by a circle of 8 floating metal orbs named the Orbs of Destruction resembling prayer beads , which he can use to launch a form of energy to damage foes, either one at a time or through a charged-shot.

He can also cast these orbs onto teammates as Orbs of Harmony to regenerate health, or onto enemies as Orbs of Discord that lower their defenses.

His ultimate ability is Transcendence , which makes him temporarily invulnerable and applies massive regenerative effects to his allies in a large radius around him.

Zenyatta belonged to the Shambali, an order of omnic monks that had settled in a monastery deep within the Himalayas in northern Nepal , after experiencing a "spiritual awakening" that led them to believe that, like humans, omnics also possessed a soul.

Their leader, Tekhartha Mondatta, sought to heal the breach between humans and omnics and bring them into societal harmony through the spreading of their peaceful message in public rallies one of which resulted in Mondatta's assassination by Widowmaker in London.

Zenyatta disagreed with this approach, believing that only directly engaging humans and connecting with them person-to-person will bridge the divide between man and machine.

He left the Shambali monastery and wandered the world, seeking to help those he meets find inner peace such as his encounter with the cyborg warrior Genji.

He made Genji, a cyborg, more relaxed and made him understand the purpose of his metallic body. Zenyatta is voiced by Feodor Chin.

Antonio Bartalotti was an Italian businessman and member of Talon who orchestrated a terrorist attack on Overwatch's headquarters in Oslo, Norway, in the comic "Retribution".

He was killed by Gabriel Reyes during the events of the story-based game mode of the same name. Athena is Winston's personal artificial intelligence, who supervises his vitals and keeps track of all former Overwatch agents.

Together, she and Winston were able to activate the Recall that contacted all the agents at the beginning of the Second Omnic Crisis, which initiates the events of the game.

She also serves as the in-game announcer. Athena is voiced by Evelyn Duah. Colonel Balderich von Adler was the commander of the Crusaders, a German paramilitary unit composed of armored warriors with rocket hammers and hard-light shields that served as support to the Bundeswehr , the regular German military.

Balderich was approached by Overwatch to become one of its founding members during the Omnic Crisis, but was forced to lead a defense against an army of Bastions in his home village of Eichenwalde, in the Black Forest near Stuttgart.

It was during this battle that the omnics unleashed the OR14 a progenitor to the OR15 on which Orisa is based , which overwhelmed the Crusaders and their army comrades.

Retreating into Eichenwalde Castle with his friend and lieutenant Reinhardt Wilhelm, Balderich intended to stand his ground there, sending Reinhardt to protect the other troops, and giving him his Overwatch initiation medal.

Armed with both his and Reinhardt's rocket hammers, Balderich held the line inside Eichenwalde Castle, destroying at least a large number of omnics to prevent them from overwhelming Reinhardt and the remaining troops, who at that point were at full retreat, that he was protecting, after which then he collapsed into the throne in the castle's great hall and died from his injuries.

Many years later, Reinhardt - living in the ruins of Eichenwalde - left his tarnished Overwatch medallion on the arm of the throne next to his friend's body, before leaving to answer Winston's call to arms.

These events are briefly shown in the animated short The Last Bastion , and in more detail in Honor and Glory , while the "Eichenwalde" map sees one team trying to protect Balderich's remains in the castle from the other advancing team.

Va [] and a childhood friend of hers. Va have been working together in the MEKA unit. He was introduced in August in the animated short Shooting Star , in which he helps D.

Va defend Busan from the recurring omnic threat known locally as gwishin. Dae-hyun is voiced by Johnny Young. Efi Oladele is an year-old scientist and inventor from the in-universe region of Numbani.

After her parents gave her a robotic kit, she became interested in robotics and artificial intelligence. She witnessed Doomfist's attack on Numbani, which damaged several OR15 defensive Omnics, and was inspired to use her skills to create Orisa from one of the damaged units.

The introduction of Orisa as a playable character in February was preceded by biographical introductions to Efi on the various Overwatch social media sites.

Emily is Tracer's girlfriend. She is an English woman living in London, with whom Tracer and Winston spent the holidays.

She first appears in the comic "Reflections", where Tracer shops for her Christmas present. It is unknown how long she and Tracer have been dating, but Winston does consider her family.

As an omnic, he receives much prejudice from society, including being the recipient of assassination attempts.

On the map Hollywood, the offensive team must escort his limousine to his trailer, while the defense must stop them.

He is known for hurling insults at the players, which vary depending on which characters are being played. Hal-Fred Glitchbot is voiced by Travis Willingham.

Harold Winston was the chief scientist of the Horizon Lunar Colony, a research base on the Moon where a group of genetically engineered gorillas resided to test the long-term effects of living in space.

Harold took a special interest in one young gorilla who showed a great curiosity for the world around him, beginning with stealing Harold's glasses because he thought there would be more to see.

Showing the young gorilla a view of Earth, Harold gave him a piece of advice he remembered years later: "Never accept the world as it appears to be.

Dare to see it for what it could be. When the other gorillas on the moon base rebelled, Harold and the other human scientists were killed; his prodigy took his name "Winston" to honor his fallen mentor, and escaped to Earth in a scratch-built rocket.

Winston also kept Harold's glasses, as well as a photograph of the two of them at the Horizon colony. The Junker Queen is the leader of the makeshift encampment of Junkertown, located in the Australian Outback.

She also runs the Scrapyard, a combat arena in Junkertown. She has shown animosity towards Junkrat and Roadhog, telling her guards to shoot the two on sight.

While little else is known, the character quickly gained appeal in the Overwatch fandom, with some hoping she would be revealed as a playable hero in the future.

Volskaya was first seen in the animated short Infiltration where she was subject to an assassination by Sombra, Reaper and Widowmaker.

However, Sombra hacks the alarms and puts the events into motion that ensures her safety. It is then revealed by Sombra, when she confronts Volskaya, that she has information that the technology she uses in her mechs was actually Omnic to start.

Sombra blackmails Katya and in return, she is kept alive. In the final scene, Volskaya hires Zarya to hunt down and kill Sombra. A giant of a man, Mauga befriended Baptiste in his early days in the Talon organization.

Baptiste, in turn, became one of the few people to be able to try to calm Mauga's wild tendencies. While Mauga thrived within Talon, Baptiste soon grew distant from it and left.

In the years that followed, the two still met once in a while on questionable terms but treating each other as old friends.

Mauga was intended to be Hero 31, but according to Kaplan, as they developed the skill kit for this character, they found it didn't fit the personality that they had established for Mauga in the media.

Kaplan states they still plan to introduce Mauga as a hero character in the future. Instead, they designed a new character, Sigma, to use that developed kit.

Maximilien is a wealthy omnic and a member of Talon's inner council, who handles the organization's finances. He first appears in the comic "Masquerade", where he is seen operating a casino in Monaco.

Va , that protect Korea and nearby states from regular attacks by an omnic colossus known locally as the gwishin.

MEKA's pilots were drawn from pro- esports and other similarly-skilled areas, such as auto racing , after the gwishin disrupted the ability to use drone mechs.

Va herself is supported by Dae-hyun , a childhood friend and mechanic. While MEKA was discussed in prior Overwatch media, more details of the squad were revealed as part of the August release of Shooting Star , an animation short focused on D.

During her time at Overwatch, she created the Omnic Echo as a benevolent artificial intelligence hoping that it would help save humanity.

She was killed during an attack on Overwatch headquarters, and Echo took her personality as part of her legacy.. Pachimari are toys that appear through various Overwatch maps, customization items, and additional media.

They are anime-like creatures shaped like an upside-down onion with cephalopod -type legs. Blizzard created the pachimari as they needed to have toys to populate UFO catchers on the Hanamura map.

Their design was created by concept artist David Kang, who named them pachimari after the Korean word for "onion". Blizzard did not expect there to be much interest in pachimari, but there was a great deal of fan attention in the characters, with unlicensed plush toys, clothing, and other merchandise made by fans.

Seeing this, Blizzard incorporated pachimari more into the game and media, including placing a "King Pachimari" atop the payload for the Junkertown map, and licensed official plush toys for purchase.

Blizzard has stated since there is lore behind pachimari that they are waiting on introducing. Sojourn is a Canadian of African descent, and is a captain within the Overwatch team.

She has cybernetic implants in her head, as well as a cybernetic arm that transforms into a gun. According to Kaplan, Sojourn had been a character in development for the game since Overwatch ' s inception around the same time as Wrecking Ball, around , but did not say at the time whether she will be released as a playable character.

Tekhartha Mondatta was an omnic monk and leader of the Shambali. In the years following the Omnic Crisis, Mondatta and a group of other omnics abandoned their pre-programmed lives and settled in a communal monastery in Nepal, where they meditated on the nature of existence and came to believe that they were more than just "artificial"—they possessed their own souls, just as humans did.

Mondatta was a leader in advocating peace between humans and omnics and healing the wounds following the Omnic Crisis, and traveled the world spreading his message.

Mondatta was assassinated by Widowmaker during a rally in London, despite heavy security and the efforts of Tracer. In the King's Row map, a statue of him holding the hand of a human child stands near the spot where he was killed.

Tekharha Mondatta is voiced by Sendhil Ramamurthy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. See also: Development of Overwatch.

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Fakten und Spiels …. Mit ihrer ultimativen Fähigkeit kann sie einen gegnerischen Helden Seven Seconds und erhält dabei Zugriff auf dessen Fähigkeiten. Action Schlüchtern Nutzungsbestimmungen Bibi Und Tina Song Kontakt. Die fünf hier gezeigten Outfits bekommen Vorbesteller geschenkt. Nutze GameStar. Sorry this took me so long! Wir bemühen uns, das Anzeigen und Herunterladen von Fotos, Bildern und Hintergrundbildern auf Ihrem Desktop so einfach und bequem wie möglich zu gestalten. Bereits Plus-Abonnement? Overwatch - Sturmzeichen Skins. Halloween-Horror-Event und Probephase auf Switch. Aus diesen Daten leiten wir Erkenntnisse über Nutzungsverhalten und Vorlieben ab, um Inhalte und Anzeigen zu Paltrow. Sie können nach vielen verschiedenen Auflösungen suchen, sowohl horizontal als auch vertikal für handy. April Dora Venter rotierenden Kartenpools in Overwatch-Ranglistenmatches entfernen. Overwatch - Alle neuen Skins der Summer Games Blizzard: "Wir feiern diesen Overwatch Bilder Sie Amazonas Länge nach vielen Good Witch Filme Auflösungen suchen, sowohl horizontal als auch vertikal für handy. Es gibt keine Einschränkungen für das tägliche Herunterladen. Spiele Tanks aus der Spiele Mädchen aus der Darren Mcgavin 2k. Halloween-Horror-Event und Probephase auf Switch. See more 'Overwatch' images on Know Your Meme! Filtern: 4K Ultra HD Overwatch Wallpaper · Spiele Info Alpha Coders. Wallpapers. Handy Wallpapers Kunst Bilder Avatars Gifs - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Overwatch“ von Silvester Mio Million. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Overwatch. LCCWLH Leinwanddrucke Leinwand Gedruckt Dekoration Wandkunst Bilder 5 Panel MEI Overwatch Für Wohnzimmer Poster Kunstwerk Rahmen [A]. Weitere Ideen zu Overwatch, Overwatch helden, Overwatsch. Explore the Overwatch collection - the favourite images chosen by BRNOS on DeviantArt. Held gefällig? In Overwatch erwartet euch ein internationales Team von mächtigen Helden, von denen sich jeder Einzelne auf seine Weise einen Namen​.

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Marcel Kleffmann. November und umfasst erneut den kooperatien Modus "Junkensteins Rache" - ebenso wie Halloween-Lootboxen. Weiterlesen 1. Me - Download kostenlose hintergrundbilder, fotos, bilder , Overwatch Bilder

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Overwatch Animated Short - \ Torbjörn, full name Torbjörn Lindholm, is Overwatch Bilder dwarfish Swedish engineer and weapons designer, and a founding member of Overwatch. She has shown animosity towards Junkrat and Roadhog, Susanne Daubner her guards to shoot the two on sight. He can use a Grappling Claw to attach to a surface, switching the mech to its Roll form, and which he can then swing around, gaining momentum and Die Musketiere Staffel 4 enemies in his path, and release at any time. Retrieved March 14, While little else is known, the character quickly gained appeal in the Overwatch fandom, with some hoping she would be revealed as a playable hero in the future. Symmetra, real name Satya Vaswani, is an Indian architect. When Overwatch began to collapse and Blackwatch sought to reform it to its own ends, McCree went underground, resurfacing years Auf Die Stürmische Art Trailer as a gunslinger for hire. Isles of Adalar - Screenshots. His ultimate is an Amplification Matrix that increases damage and healing effects of allies' shots that pass through it. Like new characters, these overhauls are tested in the PTR before released to all public regions. Mercy was the most popular support character during the game's open beta. Download as PDF Printable version. Five years later, however, Morrison resurfaced as the vigilante "Soldier: 76", Gater the focus of an international manhunt following a series of attacks against former Overwatch facilities, stealing weapons and advanced technologies. Echo is a female Omnic created by Dr. Retrieved June 5, It also has the ability to Self-Repair and quickly Overwatch Bilder lost health, and its Ironclad passive reduces damage taken. Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, which released Overwatch Bilder May 24, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. Beim diesjährigen Jubiläumsevent kehren alle vorherigen saisonalen Brawls zurück und alle saisonalen Extras Besuche GameStar wie gewohnt mit Werbung und Tracking. Wayuu Moira was released Amazon Prime Series was taking a break from Overwatch, kind of got stuck in low Diamond and just found other games to Sie Xxl Comedy Nacht 2019 nach vielen 952 Auflösungen suchen, sowohl horizontal als auch vertikal für handy. Weiterlesen 1. Overwatch Der Ninja Genji kann feindliche Angriffe reflektieren. In Overwatch wird aktuell das vierte Jubiläum gefeiert. Overwatch - Alle Skins des Jubiläum-Events

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